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Several Insider Car Rental Tips for Your Next Journey

Choose an In-Town Rental Location

Airports tend to charge car rental companies high rent, and some of that cost gets passed down to travelers. If you don't mind a little inconvenience, it's often cheaper to take a shuttle bus or cab to a rental office in town instead of the airport.

Prepay for Your Rental

With most car rentals, you don't hand over your credit card until you're ready to drive off the lot. However, some rental companies will offer a discount to travelers who prepay in advance.

Take What's Most Available

Sometimes a rental car company has an excess of a certain type of vehicle, such as mini vans, that they would like to get off the lot. In a friendly way, offer to take whatever vehicle the company really needs to rent out. You may get a larger vehicle for the same price as an economy car.

Get the Weekly Car Rental Rate

It's a bit puzzling that car rental companies charge more for driving less, but the weekly rate is often cheaper than driving just four days. You may be able to get the weekly rate for just five days, so keep the car a bit longer if you can.

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