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Several Insider Flight Tips for Your Next Journey

Look for Glitch Fares

Online booking systems for airfare don't come without a pricing mistake every once in a while. Follow deal-minded travel sites and blogs (like!) to learn about pricing mistakes that work in your favor. This is most useful if you live near a major airport and have a flexible schedule.

Buy a World Outlet Adapter

Universal travel adaptors ensure that you can stay connected no matter where you are. You can find conveniently sized models for under $10 to convert power outlets when traveling for laptops, phones, etc.

Sit Above the Wing

If airplane turbulence bothers you, sit over the wing of the plane. The wing is near the plane's center of gravity, so turbulence isn't as noticeable here. You may not have as good of a view from the window though.

Exercise in Your Seat

If you're in for a long flight, it's important to keep your body moving to prevent stiffness, cramps, and even blood clots. For a few minutes each hour, lift your feet off the ground while rotating your ankles in circles. Flex and point your toes, roll your shoulders back and forth, and rotate your neck side to side.

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